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Why Employer Groups Add Medical Bill Advocacy Services

Add Medical Bill Advocacy Services To Your Employees’ Benefits Package

Resolving medical bill issues can be a long and challenging process. It can affect one’s health and work performance. So, if your employees are fighting medical debt, it can impact your business negatively.

Consider hiring a medical bill advocacy service to help your employees settle their outstanding medical bill issues. Medical bill advocates are experts at navigating the confusing healthcare system to resolve medical debts.

Medical Bill Advocacy Services For Employees FAQs

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions about medical bill advocacy services for employees. If you have any more questions or for more information, please fill out the form at the end of this page.

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How Will My Employee’s Medical Bill Problem Affect My Business?

The stress of a huge medical debt can lead to chronic health conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. Your employees would take more time off. It can also affect their mental health: an employee dealing with anxiety and depression is less likely to be productive.

There’s also the problem of the time it takes to resolve a medical bill issue. Employees will find they are stuck in the middle of their healthcare provider and insurer over the outstanding balance. This means lots of distraction with back and forth follow-up calls during work hours which is typically the best time to connect with their doctor or insurance company. 






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What are the Benefits of Providing Medical Bill Advocacy Services to My Employees?

Hiring a medical bill advocate for your employees will benefit your company’s bottom line. It will help ensure your employees are in the right frame of mind to do their job.

They will worry less and focus more on doing their job, thereby maintaining or increasing productivity.

They won’t need time or days off to deal with medical bill issues, so absenteeism will be reduced. They can use their time off on enjoyable activities.

Their physical and mental health won’t be affected by the stress and anxiety of dealing with medical debt.

Employee satisfaction will improve as they will feel you care about their health and financial well-being.

Top talents will be attracted to work with you because of the added benefit of a medical bill advocacy service.

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Why Do I Need a Third Party Medical Bill Advocate Service When My Employees Have an Insurance Advocate Through Their Plan?  

A health plan advocate has an allegiance to saving your company money. While it would seem they have your employees' best interests at heart, oftentimes service dissatisfaction arises, leaving an already stressed employee feeling like giving up instead of seeing it through. A medical bill advocate, however, is a non-biased party hired to overcome a medical bill problem or balance. 




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How Will a Medical Bill Advocate Help My Employees?

With a medical bill advocacy service, your employees won’t have to endure the stress and frustration of resolving their billing issues. A medical bill advocate will:

Review medical bills, education on how their insurance policy works, and help with appeals. An advocate would dedicate the time to investigate an account, take appropriate action and resolve medical bill problems. 

Negotiate with your employees’ healthcare providers on their behalf to lower the bill, and when needed, set up a convenient payment plan.

Clear up the confusion medical bill issues bring, especially when an employee is overwhelmed with multiple bills. Even a few bills leaves a mountain of billing invoices, statements and numerous phone calls asking for the bill to be paid. Give your employees peace of mind with a medical bill advocate who answers questions while ensuring their privacy is maintained 

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What if My Employees Are Reluctant to Disclose Their Medical Debt Challenge?

It’s understandable for your employees to be reluctant to discuss their medical bill issues with you. They may be afraid that it would negatively impact how they’re perceived at work. Or, they may be embarrassed to talk about being in debt.


Nevertheless, you should still provide medical bill advocacy services to your employees. You can have a private online form that employees can use to contact the advocate directly. Also, hire professional medical advocates with a privacy policy that prevents disclosure to third parties, including employers.

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How Else Can I Help My Employees Prevent Medical Debt?

Besides providing medical bill advocacy services for your employees, you can educate them on how their health benefits work - throughout the year versus only during the onboarding process. This will help prevent medical billing issues from occurring at all.

Organize a workshop to explain what their work insurance covers and doesn’t cover. Train them on how to find out if a healthcare provider is in-network, and what to do when receiving care from an out-of-network provider.

Ready to Help Your Employees Resolve Their Medical Bill Issues?

Contact us at MBCR for our medical bill advocacy services for employees. Our experienced medical bill advocates are experts at working the complicated medical billing and insurance system to help employers help their employees resolve their medical debt.

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