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Success with MBCR

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - My kids got a great report from the dentist at their last checkup. From the receptionist? Not so much.

By Beth Pinsker

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CHAMPAIGN (PrimeLife Times) - According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's tracking, as of 2021, 58% of listed debt comprised medical balances. New changes in credit bureau reporting can help patients. 

By Sunni Patterson

Deseret News

When it comes to the rising cost of medical care, Dr. Linda Girgis is quick to identify one of the most problematic symptoms: Patients who keep their mouths shut.

By Jeff Wuorio

The Power of Unity: MBCR and First Baptist Church's Collaborative Approach Wipes Out Medical Debt
Central Illinois Medical Debt Campaign Story
Illinois churches work together to erase medical debt  21stShow
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“I am a college student and received an unexpected balance from my dentist. I had previously paid the expected patient balance before I had treatment. MBCR helped me locate the insurance policy guideline, draft a letter to the insurance company, and follow up with my dentist. My dentist appealed, and now the insurance company is covering the balance in full. Thank you for your help!” – Sam P. (Ames, IA)

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