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How to Dispute 

a Surprise Medical Bill

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When you get a surprising medical bill, the first thing to do is review the bill to find the cause of the outrageous charge. It may be a medical billing error or an issue with your insurance company. Then, you can dispute the bill in the following ways.

Contact Your Doctor’s Office

For billing errors, such as duplicate charges, call the medical practice billing department to voice your complaints. Inform them of the error and submit an official request letter for the issue to be looked into and resolved. 

Contact Your Doctor’s Office
Request an Insurance Appeal

If the problem is with your insurance, such as your claim being denied when you should be covered, file an appeal with the insurance company. You can ask your doctor to write a letter to support your case.

Contact Your State’s Insurance Department

If your doctor’s office and the insurance company can’t seem to resolve the issue, your state’s insurance department may be able to help. They can set up an independent medical review to look into and resolve the billing issue.

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Contact Your State’s Insurance Department
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