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Why Healthcare Groups Add a Medical Billing Advocate

Uncover Better Patient Support

Are you a healthcare provider struggling with billing and insurance claim issues? Are you tired of dealing with aged accounts receivable and the constant headache of unresolved balances?

In addition to uncovering hidden revenue and resolving billing and insurance claim issues, partnering with a medical billing advocate can significantly

enhance the overall patient experience.


Partnering with a patient advocate can offer unique advantages

compared to traditional billing or collection services. 

Demonstrable Value of a Patient Advocate 

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions about medical bill advocacy services for medical providers. If you have any more questions or for more information, please fill out the form at the end of this page and we will be in touch.

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Why Choose a Patient Advocate Over a Billing Service? 

By aligning a patient advocate service WITH a traditional medical billing service, your healthcare business can achieve better results and ensure a positive patient experience.


While the medical billing service focuses on accurate coding, claims submission, and revenue enhancement, a medical billing advocate service complements it by providing personalized support, clear communication, and advocacy on behalf of patients.


This coexistence allows for a seamless transition from the billing process to patient engagement, resulting in improved patient satisfaction and financial outcomes. With the patient advocate service, patients benefit from transparent explanations of medical bills, assistance in navigating insurance claims, and empowerment in making informed financial decisions.


The combination of these services leads to increased patient trust, reduced billing disputes, and enhanced overall patient satisfaction.

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What are the Benefits of Providing Medical Bill Advocacy Services to My Patients?

Hiring a medical bill advocate benefits your healthcare business's bottom line. It also helps ensure your patients receive exceptional service from the financial end of your organization. 


Empathy and Compassion. Alongside the technical and revenue management workflow experience, our advocates understand the stress and anxiety patients may feel when confronted with medical bills, especially an unexpected one. Building trust and rapport with active listening, makes it easier to discuss balances owed and finding mutually beneficial solutions.


Root Cause Identification. Unlike traditional billing services that may focus solely on processing claims, our patient advocates go above and beyond to identify the root causes of aged accounts receivable. They will meticulously analyze your billing processes, review claims, and investigate any recurring issues or patterns that may be hindering timely reimbursements. By addressing these root causes, a patient advocate can help you maximize revenue and prevent future accounts receivable problems.


Personalized Support and Guidance. Oftentimes the billing and collections teams are claim heavy and resource light. Patient advocates play a role in providing dedicated relief and guidance throughout the balance resolution phase. By answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing assistance with navigating their insurance, this one on one attention helps alleviate confusion and frustration, ultimately leaving a positive patient-provider relationship from the appointment through bill payment.  


Advocacy on Behalf of Patients. We will work closely with insurance companies, billing departments and other relevant parties to resolve disputes, negotiate payment plans and ensure satisfactory outcomes. Patients can feel reassured their best interests are represented. 


Empower Financial Decision Making. Our medical provider advocate service empowers patients to make informed financial decisions related to their medical bills. Through education on available options, such as payment plans, financial assistance programs, or negotiating lower balances according to your practice's guidelines, patients are placed back in control. By providing these tools and resources, we shift the sense of helplessness caused by financial burden and minimize the impact of aggressive collection tactics, enhancing the overall patient experience. 

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How Can You Help Bring My Accounts Receivable Current?

Perhaps your healthcare business is struggling with aged accounts receivable, resulting in a significant loss of revenue. Here is a brief step-by-step example of how our patient advocates can help get your practice's revenue back on track:


Step 1: Comprehensive Analysis. Our patient advocate will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your accounts receivable, identifying overdue balances, denied claims, and any missed opportunities for reimbursement.


Step 2: Root Cause Identification. By delving deep into your billing processes and claim submissions, our patient advocate will uncover any systematic issues that contribute to aged accounts receivable. 



Step 3: Tailored Solutions. Once the root causes are identified, our patient advocate will work closely with your team to implement tailored solutions. This may involve streamlining workflows, providing consistent follow up, or improving communication with insurance companies.

Step 4: Follow-Up and Monitoring. Our patient advocate will continue to monitor the progress of implemented solutions and ensure ongoing improvement in revenue collection. They will stay in close contact with your practice, offering support and guidance whenever needed.

Ready to Help Your Patients Resolve Their Medical Bill Balance?


Contact MBCR for our medical bill advocacy provider service today, and experience the trifecta of benefits for your healthcare business.


By implementing our medical billing advocate service, not only will your revenue and business results improve, but your patients will also feel empowered when it comes to managing their medical bill balances. This powerful combination drives positive outcomes, enhancing satisfaction.

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