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Medical Bill & Claim Resolution 

for Consumers Who Have Tried Everything

You’ve tried contacting the doctor’s office on the phone and in person. Your calls to your insurance company have been put on hold for over an hour, and then disconnected mysteriously. You’ve reached out to the department of insurance and submitted a complaint to the regulators. You’ve even considered hiring an attorney. Now, you’re just overwhelmed and don’t know what next to do.

Let MBCR Help You Dispute an

Incorrect Doctor Bill & Denied Insurance Claim

Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR) provides medical bill and insurance claim assistance to
consumers like you who have tried it all. When you work with us, we will:

man with timer
  • Analyze your medical bill or claim to identify errors

  • Reconcile a bill and claim to services you received

  • Dispute bill and claims when they are incorrect

  • Guide you through your insurance plan’s appeal process

  • Submit appeals for erroneously denied charges

  • Ensure the accurate documents are filed properly

  • Negotiate bill reductions with medical providers

  • Help you establish realistic payment plans

  • Contact and work with collection agencies on your behalf

  • Connect you with charity care resources

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