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Expert Medical Bill Help: Protection From Medical Bill Errors

Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR) provides medical bill help—specifically, we’re “bill cleaners.” We review your bill and make sure the charges are legit. Studies indicate that medical bill errors are far more common than you might think. Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Being billed for treatment that was never provided
  • Duplicate charges
  • A treatment coded improperly causing an erroneous charge
  • A doctor coded as an out-of-network instead of an in-network practitioner
  • Covered treatments coded as non-covered

If you pay for these mistakes, you’re out good money, usually big money. If you do not, and the bill goes to collections, your credit score may be negatively affected. Either way you lose. And with studies showing up to 80% of medical bills being incorrect, the odds are good that you have a bill with a mistake on it. 

The good news is that these mistakes can be corrected precisely and economically by MBCR. The professional medical bill help we provide ends up with you receiving a scrubbed bill, free of errors and potentially greatly reduced.

So, do not try and decipher the charges yourself. Leave that to the experts at Medical Bill & Claim Resolution. Contact us. Today.

And remember, it’s the famous, the desperate and all of us who are susceptible. We’re vulnerable not only to overwhelming medical debt but to egregious provider bills.  

Learn about MBCR's expertise, how we ensure your best interest, and meet our staff here

Medical Bills Impact Your Credit

For your financial welfare, it is crucial that your medical bills be analyzed by a professional:

  • For accuracy, so you do not overpay
  • For proper coding, to verify the proper procedures are billed
  • For possible pay plans, if needed

With over 25 years experience, Medical Bill & Claim Resolution knows how it all works from both the provider and the insurance company side.

We keep it simple and focused.

Go to our FAQs for more information and an example of how it works. Or, if you have a bill or claim that you want reviewed, order now.

Feel free to contact us at anytime at (855) 612-MBCR (6227) or by email



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Lots of analysis of the current American health care environment is based on the emergence of high deductible health care plans that work quite a bit differently from what enrolled members in conventional plans are used to. A high deductible health care insurance plan is like any other kind of high deductible insurance – it offsets some of the premium cost with a gamble that the holder will not have to pay out the maximum deductible over the course of the plan year.


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Payment Processing

Patient Balance: $ 0.00

Patient presented a $ 4,000 plus balance due from hospital. This was after insurance company issued benefits. Patient completed hospital's financial assistance application and was approved for 100% assistance. Patient balance due? $ 0.00. 


Multiple Statements Different Balances

Client requested review of several insurance statements (or Explanation of Benefits) and patient statements received from her healthcare provider. 


Medical Debt Shouldn't Have Been Sent to Collections


Patient had unpaid claim from 11-23-2010 in the amount of $300, which was sent to collections.

Patient is state employee and has coverage through a state self-funded plan, which is behind due to funding issues. The state plan utilizes a major payor to process its claims. The major payor denied the claim due to timely filing. We submitted proof of timely filing on behalf of the patient and continually followed up with payor until payments posted. Then we contacted the collection agency and submitted proof to have the debt removed from this individual’s file.


Wrong Plan No Coverage

Pediatric patient had multiple outstanding bills from fall 2010 through winter 2011 totaling $2,400.


Student Status

A patient was seen for warts. The bill came back as non-covered by the insurance company.

The MBCR folks are very accessible and friendly. I recommend them to anyone who is having challenges navigating their medical bills.
Your staff was very helpful and professional
Thank you for your utmost professionalism, kindness and patience in resolving our bills to everyone's satisfaction
I just wanted to inform you that your staff went the extra mile on our behalf and we truly appreciate your assistance


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